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You have questions, we have answers! Please look below to see a few of the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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  • Q. My dryer isn’t heating up. What could be the issue?

    Ensure that the circuit breaker is supplying the correct power to the dryer. Some dryers may have their motors running but not produce heat. Dryers typically require 240 volts, with 120 volts for the motor and the remaining 120 volts for the electric heating element.

  • Q. My oven’s temperature doesn’t match the gauge. Can it be calibrated?

    Yes. In most instances, oven temperature calibration can be performed through the electronic section of your stove.

  • Q. What types of appliances do you repair?

    Memphis Appliance Repair services most major brand washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, gas and electric stoves, range hoods, and garbage disposals.

  • Q. Why are the sides of my refrigerator or freezer occasionally hot to touch?

    Some refrigerator models have condenser coils integrated into the cabinet walls. If the refrigerator or freezer has a forced air condenser underneath and the coils aren’t cleaned, the sides may become warm. Increased ambient temperature can also cause the side walls to feel warmer than usual. Cleaning the coils under the refrigerator is recommended. If the issue continues, contact a service professional to prevent major damage.

  • Q. Why does my dryer take so long to dry clothes?

    Extended drying times could result from kinked vent tubing, a vent restriction, or excessively long venting material. Shortening the venting material may help. If it already appears short enough, there might be a vent restriction or the distance from the dryer vent to the outside might be too long. A quick test for vent airflow involves running the dryer without clothes and checking for airflow similar to that of an unattached dryer vent.

  • Q. Why does my front load washing machine have a moldy smell?

    Using a washing machine cleaner can help remove most odors. If the issue persists, we can disassemble the pump and hose for a thorough cleaning, which may alleviate the problem.